Where appropriate all of our products are backed by in-situ performance data where we assess how well they perform in a farm environment against the claims they make. We always take client feedback on board and we delist any product that we believe is not delivering as promised to give you peace of mind that we only stock reliable products.

Our effective batch number and expiry date management system ensures all products are picked & packed in strict rotation with maximum shelf life for our customers. These details are included on the despatch note which accompanies the goods and can be incorporated into farm record systems enabling you to comply with customer, government and statutory audits.

We constantly review and monitor the regulatory status of products against UK and European law so that you don’t need to.


The sale, supply and storage of Agrochemicals are regulated by the Pesticide Safety Directorate and the Health & Safety Executive. We are a registered British Agrochemical Services Industry Supplier (BASIS) for rodenticides – approved by the government, which means we can give you informed, up to date advice for their safe, appropriate and effective storage and use.

A selection of chemicals and insecticides used are DEFRA and Lion Code approved.

Our Products

Disinfectants & Cleaning Agents
Biosolve “E” 5 Ltr
HD3 20 Litre
Biosolve “E”  20 Litres
Shift 25 litres
T.S.R. 200 25 Litres
Target 25ltr
Target Powergel 25lt
Ecofoam Plus 5ltr
Ecofoam Advanced 25 Litre
Virkon “S” 5 kgs
Maskomal 5 Litres
Quaternary Active Stabiliser 5lt
Virkon “LSP” 20 Litres
Virkon “LSP” 5 Litres
Hyperox 5 Litres
Hyperox 20 Litres
Virudine Plus 20 Litre
Virkon “S” 10kgs
Viroshield 5lts
HPPA 5ltr
Virosheild 25lts
BioShield P 25 Litres
Virkon Tablets (100 x 50 Gm) Tub
Deosan Phos Clean Duo 20lt
Fam 30 2.7% Iodine 25 Litre
GPC8 Disinfectant 25 Litres
Stalosan 15kg (New Size)
Virocid 20ltr
Mephisto-Shock 5LTR
Interkokask 10 Ltr
Ammonia Liquor 25Ltr (34%)
Plymchlor 10/11% 25L
Formaldehyde  38% 25 Litre
Formaldehyde  38% 205 Litre
Animalaids Coccidial Disinfectant 5 litres
Cyclex 5ltr
Jaguar 4 kg Blox
Rodex Whole Wheat Rat Bait 20kg
Roban Cut Wheat Rat Bait 20 kg
Bromagrain (W/Wheat BROMADIOLONE) 20KG
Sapphire 20kg (W/Wheat BRODIFACOUM)
Vertox Pasta Bait – T- Bags(Red) Brodifacoum 5kg
Vertox Whole Wheat (brodifacoum) 20kg
Paper & Consumables
Chick Paper (HARD GRADE)
Chick Paper (5 Day/PO39) 30″ 500M x 740mm
Chick Paper (5 Day/PO41) 20″ 500M x 500mm
Chick Paper (3 Day/PO38) 30″ 500M x 740mm
Chick Paper (BLUE 500mt X 680mm)
Corrugated Paper Roll 300mm x 75M
Corrugated Card (Roll 450mm X 75mt)
Toilet Roll (Pk 36)
Footcheck Dip Unit
PVC Curtain 300mm x 3mm x 50mtr Clear
Allflex Tag Pen (2 in 1/Broad & Fine)
Allflex Universal Tag Applicator – spare pins also available
Slapper Ink Pad Complete – spare rubber pads available
Allflex Tags small male & female – all colours
Allflex Tags medium male & female – all colours
Allflex Tags large male & female – all colours
Fearing Tattoo Slapper 6 Digit
Tattoo Digits – all numbers
Tattoo Letters – all letters
Tattoo Ink (Food Grade) Black 1ltr
Ketchum B7 Tattoo Ink Black 1 Litre
Porcimark BLUE/RED/GREEN Aerosol 500ml
Tooth Cutting Forceps Stainless Steel
Pig Holder – various available – please enquire
Hot Cut 3000 Tail Docker – blades & gas cylinder available
Heavy Duty Rubble Sack Blue (per 100)
Housing Equipment
Egg wash Powder (LOW & HIGH) Foam 10kgs (ANTEC)
Rotosan “HIGH & LOW FOAM” Eggwash Powder 20 kg
Rotomaid 100 & 200 COMPLETE
Rotomaid 100 & 200 BASKET/BASE/BUCKET
Biolink Liquid Egg Wash 5 Litres
Matabi Sprayer 8ltr & 16LTR
Philips I/R Hard Glass Clear lamp E/S 250W Each
Infra Red Reflector Aluminium
Plastic Lampholder High Temperature
Phillips Par Heat Lamp 175 Watts
Phillips I/R Lamp Hard Glass 150w Ea
Blue Paper Roll (180×200 C-Feed 2ply)
Paper Towel Dispenser
Soft Care Sanitiser (H5) 800ml
Soft Care Plus (H41) 800ml
Soap Dispenser (Soft Care)
Arato “80” & “87” Pig Drinker
Bite Drinker various available
Thermometer Digital (MAX/MIN)
Moisture Alert Hygro-thermometer
PH1000 Temperature Humidity Hygrometer
Broom Handle 60″ x 1″ 1/8
18″ Straight Squeegee
Re-Usable Fly Trap (Unit Only)
Fly Bait Sachets (each)
Xlure Sticky Fly Roll  FR30 (Pre Baited) 10m
Sal Curb K2 Liquid 25kg
Hemexsan 25KG
Harmonix 5ltr
Bayer Flying Insect Killer Aerosol 400ml
Permost-CS 500ml
Perbio Choc RTU 5 Litres
Sheila Granular Fly Bait 2kg
Neporex 20kg
Vulcan P RFU  5 Litres Fly Spray
Vulcan NP18 Fly Spray 5lts
Health Products
Grit Poultry (oystershell & flint 25kg)
Peckstone (Red) 10kg
MultiMilk 5kg
Col-Late Littercare 120 Doses
PAH Electrolyte 10kg
Stockholm Tar 1kg
Disp/Needles various sizes available please enquire
Syringes various sizes available – please enquire
Scalpel Handle (sz4) blades also available
Avijector Mark 25 No Hypo Needles
Ovijector mk1 No Hypo Needle(0.1ml-1ml vari-dose
Kaycee Spares Kit Avijector MK25/Ovijector MK1
Kaycee Handle Grip 8A (Fit Avi/Mini)
Minijector Mark 2 No Hypo Needles (0.2ml fix-dose)
Kaycee Handle Grips (Fit Ovi 1 & 2)
Multi-Vit (Avivit) 5ltr
Solulyte 5 Litres
D3 Xtra 5 Litre
Poultry Tonic Plus 5ltr (Kilco)
Agrigel 2 Litre
Septicleanse Antiseptic Aerosol 500 ml
Iodine 2.5% 500ml with pump
PBH Aerosol  (250ml)
Lubricant Gel 2.5 litre
3M 9322+ (Pk 10/FFP2)
Overboot Disposable Elastic Top Pk (25prs)
Respair Fold Flat FFP2V Pk10 (Econ)
Respair Cupped  FFP2V Per 10
Respair “E” Economy  FFP2V Per 10
Respair “E” Economy FFP3V (pk5)
Respair “D” Cupped  FFP3V (pk5)
Respair “D” Cupped FFP2V (pk10)
Silkie Gloves Shoulder length (pack 100)
Moldex 2405 masks (FFP2) pk20
Supertex Coverall (type 5/6 blue) XL each
Supertex Coverall (type 5/6 blue) XXL each
Vinyl Gloves small/med/large/xlarge
Latex Gloves small/med/large/xlarge
Nitrile gloves small/med/large/xlarge
Disposable Coverall Small/med/lge/xlarge/xxlarge/xxxlarge
Mob Caps Bouffant (Blue) Per 100
Countryman (N/S) Wellington Green sizes 8 -12
Kemira Sari Face Mask
Gas Filter (A2B2E2K2P3-Fits Sari)
Black Gauntlet Sz9
Black Gauntlet Sz11
Gauntlet Gloves (Sol-vex Classic) sz 8
Water Sanitising
De-Ionised Water (25 Litre)
Credence 1000 60 Tablets (Agil)
Aqua 50 10ltr
Agwa 6 5 Litre
Agwa 50 10lts (Blue Drum/12kg)
Agwa 6  20 litres
Bioclean Aqua 5ltr
Virkon H2O 10kg
Vac Safe Tablet  (1 per 100Lts)  Pack 1
Agwa Test Strips Tube of 50
Aviblue Water Stabiliser 375grms
Vac Pak Plus Powder Stabilizer 113 g (sachet)

Please call for latest prices and availability.

Our Product Ranges

Disinfectants & Cleaning Agents

All disinfectants stocked by Animal Aids have been tested by DEFRA and approved for use on pig and poultry farms.

Our stock includes general and specialised disinfectants, cleaning agents, anti-coccidial products, dry powders for use in farrowing and free range areas, egg and water sanitisers, and fumigants.

Many environmental factors can influence the ability of a disinfectant to do the job you need, including outside temperatures, previous disease and current organic challenge. Contact us and we’ll take these into account before you buy the product or apply it.


Rodents cause thousands of pounds of damage to buildings & wiring each year and can also devastate your stock and your income when they carry disease onto your farm.

Employing a contractor may help but is no substitute for your own vigilance. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because you or someone else is placing bait, the rodents are taking it. Cutting corners here may increase your problem and even mean you can fall foul of the law.

Make sure you’re buying the right bait and it’s approved for use in this country. We only stock products with a registered UK HSE number and can advise you on making your rodenticide work harder for you.

Paper & Consumables

Our range of consumables includes disposable and re-useable needles/syringes, personal protective equipment (PPE) and respiratory equipment for day-to-day use on farms ensuring you and your staff get the best protection from dusts, gases and chemicals.

Our stocked range of essentials includes chick paper and cardboard, pig markers and slappers, de-ionised water and ear tags.

Housing Equipment

We stock egg washers, drinking and feeding systems and spares, manual sprayers and more. We also supply a range of electrical equipment including heat lamps and spares direct to site. We can also source one-off requirements including water proportioners, dosing equipment, motorised sprayers and others, to meet specific application requirements.


Eradicating flies and red mite is a careful balancing act which we can help guide you.

Health Products

Herbal formulations, probiotics, vitamins, electrolytes and stabilisers all help to rear healthy pigs and poultry. We are able to tailor time provision these products to standard feed and medicine regimes.